The fifth annual cloud conference and awards December 11, 2014 - San Francisco
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Vote Now - Round 1 of 3, Qualifier.

In this qualifier round we use a consensus based Borda Count voting system where voters can make up to 5 choices per single vote in order of preference. Round 2 (Knock-out stage) voting will be held on Linkedin from November 4 to November 23. In the final and decisive round, one winner in each category is chosen by onsite conference attendees.

Best Cloud Service Provider 2013

15% (1717 points)
dinCloud, OneSource Virtual
12% (1370 points)
Datapipe, Crexendo Cloud Telephony Solution
9% (1026 points)
8% (903 points)
Crucial Cloud Hosting - Blaze Platform
7% (818 points)
5% (605 points)
Fujitsu/SAP (Flexframe) as a service
3% (405 points)
Netsuite, EarthLink Business, ServedBy the Net
2% (283 points)
GFI Software, COMPUCLOUD S.A.P.I. DE C.V., SADA Systems Inc., GCI, Toshiba VIPedge
1% (133 points)
Accounting World, Sdn Bhd, Alpha Actual, Cobweb Solutions
0% (60 points)
Total votes: 548


Fifth Annual Event