The fifth annual cloud conference and awards December 11, 2014 - San Francisco
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About ViaWest

ViaWest is one of the largest privately held data center service providers in North America. They provide colocation, complex hosting, cloud and managed services to businesses of all sizes nationwide. ViaWest owns and operates 22 enterprise-class data center facilities in Colorado, Texas, Oregon, Utah, and Nevada, delivering high-quality, flexible solutions designed to support customers' unique business needs. For additional information on ViaWest, please visit or call 1-877-448-9378.

How to Execute a Successful Cloud Strategy

Cloud computing, by its very nature, mandates that an IT group relinquish a certain degree of control, which is an uncomfortable and unnatural act for an IT department. So, why the unrelenting push towards cloud computing? One major contributor is that, unlike most new technologies associated with IT, cloud buzz is coming from, among other sources, the C-Level executives. At this level, corporate efficiency czars have realized the potential for the cloud to reduce costs, including labor costs. Read more here

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ViaWest’s KINECTed™ Cloud provides a choice of two different platforms—a Xen®-based hypervisor cloud and a VMware-based vCloud® Powered platform. This allows customers the freedom to select the KINECTed™ Cloud type that best meets their needs and avoid the pitfalls of a “one-size-fits-all” solution. KINECTed™ Cloud is a ViaWest community cloud in which members reside within secured data center facilities and abide by the company’s acceptable use policies while still taking advantage of attractive entry-level prices and a “pay-as-you-go” pricing structure. Customers can combine cloud and traditional colocation and managed hosting for a total enterprise solution.

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