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Security: What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Cloud Storage Provider


Date: December 12th 2012
Time: 05:20pm PST
Location: Room J


More and more hackers will target centralized stores of data. Most data security breaches are from internal threats; a process can mitigate some, but not all. Some of the cloud startups are putting out MVPs that have minimum security requirements, leading to higher incidents of breaches and longer-term lackluster security performance. Recent successful breaches targeted high-value employees personally to get their credentials and used them to breach their employers’. Tony Gauda, co-founder and CEO of Bitcasa, will talk about cryptographic security versus “process,” explaining why the cloud is the new standard and what both consumers and enterprises need to know today before choosing a cloud storage provider.


Tony Gauda , Co-Founder and CEO , Bitcasa
Tony Gauda is the co-founder and CEO of Bitcasa. Before Bitcasa, Gauda worked at MasterCard, where he designed high-availability fraud detection systems for the credit card and debit industries. Gauda started programming when he was eight years old, and his passion for security and storage is now reflected in the Bitcasa Infinite Storage solution, which has been adopted by users in 122 countries.
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