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Optimizing Enterprise Cloud Strategy<

Rethink cloud security to get ahead of the risk curve


Date: December 12th 2012
Time: 02:40pm PST
Location: Room J


Enterprise security has never been easy, but the rapidly expanding use of cloud applications is adding daunting layers of complexity – and risk – to the job. Since information drives the business, simply locking down cloud applications isn’t a realistic option.

To compete in any industry, you need to open your organization up to customers, partners, vendors and mobile employees – all of whom might consider you their cloud. Open access isn’t a choice in the 21st century; it’s an imperative, and cloud is part of that.

What organizations need to catch up on, however, is making sure this new way of doing business is as secure, or even more secure, than your “on the ground” business. During this session, we’ll focus on how cloud computing demands a different approach, specifically ways to automatically identify, quantify and manage the risk to cloud-based resources presented by individuals that don’t – or shouldn’t - have access to them.

We’ll outline how to harness the Big Data in the trillions of access relationships in the cloud to see what’s really going on. By applying predictive analytics to Big Data, companies can create heat map visualizations that uncover anomalous patterns of activity that alert security personnel that they may have a problem. Gartner predicts that by 2016, 40 percent of enterprises will actively analyze at least 10 terabytes of data for Information Security intelligence. Combining big data and analytics creates the missing business intelligence for IT security, specifically: Where is the access risk in my organization? What’s causing it and how do I need to address it?

After this session, attendees will be able to:

  • outline the steps needed to control access risk to the cloud;
  • identify how to leverage technology to facilitate managing cloud-related access risk.
  • develop a strategy to automate information security and identify patterns not discernible to the naked eye;
  • prioritize their security steps, strengthen controls in times of highest risk, and continuously update threat definitions;


David Fowler , COO , Courion Corporation
Dave Fowler is a veteran of the software industry with over 35 years of industry and senior management experience in product management and development, marketing, business development and sales. As Chief Operating Officer, he is responsible for engineering, marketing, product management and strategic alliances. He is also chairman of the Physical Security Interoperability Alliance (PSIA), a global consortium formed to bring standards to the Physical Security industry. Prior to Courion, Fowler was the senior vice president of marketing and product development for VidSys. He has held numerous senior executive roles at leading technology companies including Pragmatech Software, Groove Networks, Kana Software, Sun Microsystems, FTP Software, Chipcom, Wang Labs and Gradient Technologies. While at these organizations, he was instrumental in acquisition, merger and IPO activities. Fowler is a frequent speaker at industry conferences on a variety of technology topics (PSIM, physical and logical security convergence, CRM, networking and collaboration) and has recently spoken at GovSec, ISC West, RSA and TechSec. He is recognized as a leading authority on enterprise security and access risk management, and has been published and often quoted in respected business and technology publications. An advisor and board member to a number of early stage companies, Fowler currently serves on the board of Azorus, a leading provider of creative CRM solutions for higher education. Fowler earned a bachelor’s degree in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from New York University.
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