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The Future of Cloud Collaboration Among Teams in the Workplace - Exploring the Needs of Growing Companies


Date: December 12th 2012
Time: 05:20pm PST
Location: Room H


Companies are outlining their list of “must-haves” as the future of online collaboration continues to take shape. With the ever-present challenge of effectively managing projects from start to finish, how can teams stay on task without being inundated with time-intensive training, disparate files, teams in varying geographical locations, and interruptions to the natural workflow process? Not to mention that we live in a world of digital assets, so being able to share, edit and manage these projects in a secure manner are all essential needs in the current workplace, and the cloud is playing a more important part in this than ever before.

During this presentation, Isaac Garcia, CEO and co-founder of collaboration platform provider Central Desktop, will address and alleviate concerns about the cloud, especially for companies that don’t have a solid understanding of newer technologies or feel they don’t have adequate teams on staff that can manage them. The topic of the digital world that we live in will be open for discussion, and Mr. Garcia will go over how cloud-based platforms will be the preferred method of collaboration and management for digital assets, projects and campaigns in the future. He will go about this by sharing cutting-edge case studies and outlining how teams of all sizes can better automate processes, manage projects, communicate and significantly reduce workload using the latest collaboration tools.


Isaac Garcia , CEO and co-founder , Central Desktop
Isaac Garcia is the co-founder and CEO of Central Desktop, a leading cloud-based collaboration platform for marketers and brands to deliver a flexible solution to appeal to teams and companies of all sizes, where he oversees strategy and business execution. Isaac has a proven record in both early-stage technology companies and enterprise sales/marketing. As a founding partner at Upgradebase, Isaac served as VP of sales and marketing, overseeing business development and sales. During his three-year tenure at CNET, Isaac was responsible for sales, execution and management of global partnerships with Microsoft, Google, eBay, Yahoo and Best Buy. Isaac led and managed CNET's global partnership with Microsoft to launch Windows Marketplace in 14 countries, Microsoft's largest sales/marketing campaign at the time. Isaac received a BA in English from Ambassador University and attended the University of Northern Colorado Graduate School where he studied English Literature for a Master of Arts.
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