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Optimizing Enterprise Cloud Strategy<

Eliminating the Application Bottlenecks that Derail Cloud Implementations


Date: December 12th 2012
Time: 11:00am PST
Location: Online Broadcast


Enterprises want to move to cloud because of the efficiencies and savings it promises. But to actually realize those benefits, companies must first get their bloated application houses in order.

Most enterprises have thousands of applications, many of which are outdated, don’t deliver enough business value, or are used by a small minority of employees. Yet they’re still supporting and paying for these applications. While IT organizations have long grappled with how to manage and rationalize all these applications, most do not have a handle on exactly what’s being used, by whom, how frequently, via what delivery methods, and under what circumstances. As a result, instead of being able to rationalize their applications, they watch as the pool grows exponentially. As they plan transitions to the cloud, this lack of knowledge combined with a bloated application portfolio has the potential to derail the migrations. It would be virtually impossible—or at minimum, tremendously time-consuming and costly—to migrate all these applications to the cloud, and anyway, it wouldn’t make sense to do so since many businesses will still require applications that are hosted in their own data centers, or installed or run virtually on employee desktops.

This presentation outlines the key application-related considerations for CIOs or senior IT professionals responsible for charting the next cloud steps for their organizations.

Attendees will learn:

  • Specific consequences of not rationalizing your application portfolio before embarking on a cloud transition.
  • How to gain the rich, detailed insights into users, application usage and device usage needed to completely understand –and then rationalize –your existing environment.
  • The type of analytics required to get the “big data” on end-user computing that will result in an efficient transition.
  • How to decide which applications make sense for the cloud and which are best served by other delivery methods.


Wally MacDermid , Head of US Operations, Centrix Software , Centrix Software
Wally MacDermid has over 20 years of experience growing enterprise software and hardware companies. After starting his career as a database developer, Wally moved into technical marketing and systems engineering roles for Remedy (now part of BMC) and Motive (now part of Alcatel-Lucent). He later directed marketing for NetApp and business development for companies such as Onaro (now part of NetApp) and VKernel (now part of Quest/Dell). Wally currently heads US operations for Centrix Software, the leader in next-generation workspace solutions, with emphasis on business development and technical alliances that will drive customer adoption and revenue. Wally has presented at numerous industry events, trade shows, and webinars on topics ranging from cloud solutions and virtualization management to enterprise systems management and storage management.
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