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The Elephant in the Room


Date: December 12th 2012
Time: 02:05pm PST
Location: Morgan Hill Room


How can you tell if an Elephant is in the Clouds? By the size of droppings on your head. Elephant jokes, all the rage of the 1960s, have an interesting relevance today as technologists unwittingly move from a realistic frame of reference to a fantasy frame, and then apply logic there as if it still holds. Hadoop, for example, provides a fantastic orchestration framework who’s Divide and Conquer approach makes previously long running jobs (e.g. weeks and months) get reduced to hours and days. Couple this with the incredible elasticity of the Clouds and you get the power of near prescience computing, right? Wrong, you don’t. Simply shifting Hadoop to the Clouds doesn’t mean you get anything useful. In fact, you can get lots of stinking piles that need to be cleaned up (or maybe harvested), albeit more quickly. This kinetic presentation will take the audience members on a Big Data journey to the Clouds, focusing on approaches for near-real time Business Intelligence and Analytics. Information on technologies ranging from Hadoop to Dremel to Event Streaming will be covered, applicability and limitations of these when in the Cloud, as well as high-level architectures that must be considered will be shared. Attendees will leave entertained, energized, and enlightened about what is possible, and have a realistic frame of reference to bring back to their organization. We will determine if Dumbo can really fly.


Bill Peer , Principal Technical Architect , Infosys
Bill Peer is a dynamic and engaging speaker, known to free flow with the audience while conveying critical information in a fun way. He speaks before audience sizes in the thousands and has been asked to give talks not only in the US, but in Europe and Asia. Examples of his lively style can be found on YouTube and references to his presentations can be found in tweets. In 2010, Bill was named the IT Executive of the Year by the American Business Association, while serving as the Vice President of Architecture and Strategy for Intercontinental Hotels Group (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, et. all). Bill is currently a Principal Technology Architect doing value creation innovation within the Infy Labs group of Infosys, focused on client centric co-creation activities. He has been there and done that, as evidenced by his lack of hair.
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