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Case Study - Transitioning Government Agency To A Big Data Cloud


Date: December 12th 2012
Time: 10:25am PST
Location: Room H


Government agencies grappling with tighter budgets, demand by decision makers for rapid access to data, as well as aging legacy systems are eyeing cloud computing for numerous business critical systems. Cloud solutions that provide Agencies with an ability to manage and analyze ‘Big Data’ have emerged as a path to costs savings, greater operational efficiencies, improved decision making and greater data transparency.

Building a Big Data cloud in-house is a challenging budget proposition not only for government agencies but organizations across every industry, as is the time-to-market this endeavor involves. As IT providers address early-stage concerns of cloud computing, weaving Big Data into an Agency’s IT infrastructure is proving increasingly attractive.

Over the course of 2011 and 2012, GCE was tasked to help transition the General Services Administration’s website - one of the most widely used sites for Federal spending information, including grants, contracts, direct loans, and payments - to its Big Data cloud. GCE will share with attendees key factors to consider in preparing for, implementing and managing an organization's move to Big Data. In particular, GCE can address some of the more unique aspects of transitioning a government agency to a Big Data cloud, including:

  1. A technology and process roadmap transitioning existing IT infrastructure to a Big Data cloud environment
  2. How decision makers can maximize the full cost benefits a Big Data cloud solution can deliver
  3. Lessons learned and best practices resulting from GCE’s Big Data project with


David Lucas , Chief Strategy Officer , GCE
David Lucas is responsible for the relationship management of GCE’s clients and potential clients. He has led every significant capture effort for GCE since 2005, and has been instrumental in championing the introduction of Service Oriented Architecture to the federal government. With two decades of experience in corporate management, sales, business development, corporate strategy, marketing, and federal IT program management, Lucas has a proven track record for winning large contracts and delivering enterprise solutions for federal agencies. Mr. Lucas is a noted speaker on cloud and Big Data topics, and has been a featured speaker at several key conferences including FOSE 2012, BigDataExpo 2012, Gov 2.0 Expo 2010, and Cloud Expo 2012. David holds significant expertise with government-focused cloud computing implementations, Big Data initiatives, cloud-based financial management implementation and integration strategies, federal enterprise architecture, federal IT program management, open source technology applications for federal government, and ‘big data’ requirements.
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