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Building a cloud market place - the easy way


Date: December 12th 2012
Time: 02:40pm PST
Location: Milpitas Room


Many cloud providers, both public and private, increasingly face the challenge of offering a growing number of products through their cloud.

It's clear that the DIY model doesn't scale, and often times takes years to accomplish. This is a clear case where a markeplace approach would be a much better fit.

However, there are a number of technical and business challenges involved with building a cloud marketplace for IT products. For example, in order for a cloud marketplace to offer any value, it needs to be able to offer hundreds or potentially even thousands of products, yet at the same time, there's the demand of being able to bring a large number of users into the marketplace - while both of these components need to happen virtually simultaneously - which is no easy feat. In this session, we'll go through several real-life experiences in building cloud marketplaces, and demonstrate how this challenges can be met easily.


Nati Shalom , CTO , GigaSpaces Technologies
Nati is the CTO and Founder of GigaSpaces. He is responsible for defining the technology roadmap and the direction of GigaSpaces' products. Nati is also a thought leader in Cloud computing and is the founder of the Israeli consortium. He has 15 years of experience with distributed computing and known as an industry expert in building large scale deployments. As a software visionary and industry leader, Mr. Shalom is a frequent presenter at industry conferences.
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