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Bring Your Own Data Breach: Solving BYOD Security Issues in the Enterprise


Date: December 12th 2012
Time: 04:45pm PST
Location: Willow Glen Room


BYOD, or Bring Your Own Device is becoming increasingly popular in the business world, but it might be better labeled Bring Your Own Security Breach. As the use of personal tablets and smartphones in the enterprise increases, businesses are struggling to strike the proper balance between employee freedom of choice and the need to protect data. According to Juniper Research, some 350 million employees worldwide will be using their own devices for work by 2014, more than double the current number.

BYOD advocates believe employees can be more efficient if they use the mobile device they’re most accustomed to, but many IT executives would trade unfettered use of personal devices for the promise of data security. For Adam Stern, founder and CEO of cloud hosting and virtual server provider, Infinitely Virtual, BYOD is a business trend that needs to be addressed from the security aspect. In Stern’s view, businesses can embrace BYOD without fear if they plan ahead. They can make BYOD work for their organizations and their employees, but they must begin by recognizing BYOD as a strategic opportunity – one that places the issue of data security in the cloud front and center, where it needs to be at all times.

Stern has made cloud data security a major focal point of his successful business, using an advanced Intrusion Detection and Protection system that goes far beyond typical security systems to protect his clients' data 24 x 7. He will offer insights into what issues enterprises need to consider before implementing a BYOD policy, what it takes to maintain and protect data in a virtual environment – whether that data sits on a desktop, an iPad or a Droid. Stern embraces the concept of Desktop-As-A-Service (DaaS), which entails hosting the desktop remotely so there is no sensitive corporate information from the data center stored on any of the BYOD devices. Therefore, if an employee loses their laptop or misplaces their smartphone, there is no risk of data theft. There simply is no data on the device to be stolen. DaaS addresses security concerns by bringing all data into a secure, remote location – allowing the flexibility and global accessibility device users want, and providing a platform that multiple devices can access. It can also save enterprises money by eliminating the need to change out the software on every single device. BYOD is here to stay. Stern will provide attendees with valuable – and practical –insights into how the enterprise can integrate the use of BYOD without sacrificing data security.


Adam Stern , Founder and CEO , Infinitely Virtual
Adam Stern, founder and CEO of Infinitely Virtual, is a young entrepreneur who saw the value of virtualization and cloud computing more than five years ago. Stern’s company helps businesses move from obsolete hardware investments to an IaaS [Infrastructure as a Service] cloud platform, providing them the flexibility and scalability to transition select data operations from in-house to the cloud. Stern founded Infinitely Virtual in 2007, to provide virtual dedicated server solutions to growing enterprises, offering what was essentially a cloud computing platform before the term existed Infinitely Virtual is a subsidiary of Santa Monica-based Altay Corporation, which Stern founded in 2003 to provide Windows, VMware and other service solutions to small and medium-size businesses. Since 2007, Infinitely Virtual has grown exponentially through its offering affordable, customized cloud-based solutions, using the most sophisticated technology available. Host Review named the company to its list of “Top Ten Fastest Growing” enterprises in 2011. Stern is a firm believer in corporate responsibility. The company’s products and services feature low-power consumption and fit squarely within the green IT movement. As a provider -- and consumer - of cloud based services, Infinitely Virtual is committed to sustainability. Prior to founding Altay and Infinitely Virtual, Stern worked for CallOne, Inc., a value-added reseller of computer equipment and professional services. From 1997 to 2000, Stern led CallOne as the Vice President of Operations. He then worked for 3Com in 2000 as a network consultant. Stern holds a B.S. degree in business administration and management from Cal State, Northridge.
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