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The 10 Ways Real-Time Technologies are Disrupting Markets


Date: December 12th 2012
Time: 07:25am PST
Location: New Almaden Room


It's clear that real-time technologies are quickly being embedded into traditional software platforms, across web servers, databases, and application stacks.  But how are end-user experiences getting changed by real-time technology?  What markets are becoming disrupted by real-time technology?

The web is changing, users no longer want to just be social they want to interact and participate in real-time.  They want to chat, vote, play and see results instantly.  Delivering real-time web and mobile apps that work seamlessly across all devices, browsers and networks anywhere in the world is hard and can costs millions of dollars - just ask Skype, WebEx or Facebook. 

As a company cloud based real-time platform that powers thousands of real-time apps and websites, PubNub has a unique vantage point into how developers are using real-time messaging to enhance, and often displace, existing applications across many industries.  Todd Greene, CEO and co-founder of PubNub will discuss how companies are using real-time to deliver new kinds of killer apps to users, and how those apps are changing the way people are interacting with each other and their devices.  He will also discuss the various components of real-time functionality that are accelerating innovation.  Topics will include low-latency messaging, presence detection, real-time analytics, various attempts at industry standards, and other aspects of the emerging real-time stack.


Todd Greene , CEO and Co-Founder , PubNub
Todd is the co-founder and CEO of PubNub. As an entrepreneur who has founded and successfully sold companies across the software spectrum, Todd helps shape the PubNub vision of revolutionizing the way people interact online. Todd most recently was CEO of Loyalize, an Audience Participation company successfully sold to Function(x) (FNCX), a Robert F.X. Sillerman company, where he designed the first-ever massively multi-user Social TV mobile and web applications licensed to companies like Viacom and Yahoo. Todd previously was founder and CTO/VP Products of CascadeWorks, a company providing Services Procument solutions to Texas Instruments, Charles Schwab, and ABN Amro, and acquired by Elance. After working with companies like GE, SGI, and Quantum while a consultant at Price Waterhouse, Todd joined NetDynamics (sold to Sun Microsystems in 1998) to help create a truly game-changing product: the first application server built for the Internet.
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