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cloud computing conference 2011Fabasoft is a leading European Software manufacturer for Enterprise Content Management and a provider of a European Cloud for global Business-to-Business Collaboration.

Folio Cloud - the Public Cloud for B2B-Collaboration

cloud computing conference 2010 Folio Cloud is a public Cloud that connects businesses with each other to enable their employees to work efficiently, securely and flexibly together.


Folio Cloud offers business applications in the Cloud that, via self-service, can be used immediately for the collaboration within businesses or with international partners. Collaboration and the exchange of data take place using Team Rooms. A Team Room offers a secure, protected area in the Cloud, only accessible to those business contacts who have explicitly been granted access rights, have been invited to the collaboration, and who have been authorized as a user. This video demonstrates how you can set up collaboration with business partners within minutes:

Business Applications (Cloup Apps) specialize Team Rooms for specific business processes, for example:

  • Scrum Project Room: for the implementation of agile Scrum Projects
  • Sales Room: for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in different Sales Organizations
  • Records Room: for MoReq2-certified Records Management
  • Art Room: for the management of art collections
  • Family Room: for the storing of digital family treasures

Secure and Reliable

Folio Cloud supports the authentication of a Cloud User via an X.509-based Client Certificate, personally issued for the user by their company. This ensures that each employee has a unique, verifiable identity for the collaboration with business partners in the Cloud.

Folio Cloud saves data in the Fabasoft data centers in central Europe. European standards therefore apply for data security and protection. Fabasoft is ISO 27001 certified and SAS Type II tested.

Mobile Cloud

Folio Cloud gives you the freedom to use the Smartphone and Media Tablet of your choice via the implementation of the standard CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services).

For the iPad and iPhone, the free Folio Cloud App (available in the Apple Store) gives you access to your Team Rooms and data in the Cloud. The App connects you with colleagues and contacts in other businesses even when you are on the move. Authentication using client certificates is also available on iPhones and Media Tablets. Unlimited, mobile, secure collaboration.


Folio Cloud also offers a Platform-as-a-Service, enabling software developers to develop Cloud Apps for Folio Cloud. These Cloud Apps are then marketed and made available via the Folio Cloud Online Shop.

Cloud Slam 2011 Conference Sessions

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Folio Cloud Videos

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