The fifth annual cloud conference and awards December 11, 2014 - San Francisco
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Cloud Awards

The 2013 UP-START Cloud Awards are now established in the cloud community as the de-facto recognition platform to cultivate the understanding, appreciation and advancement of the contribution of cloud computing to the business and technology community.
Disruptive and next generation Cloud Computing companies, as well as innovative stealth mode / emerging solution providers, are invited to step up to the plate and showcase their capabilities to receive a coveted industry recognition, as well as a tangible prize.

History and Previous Participants

Far from the eagerly anticipated event it is today, the first UP-Start Awards ceremony took place out of the public eye during an inaugural first annual UP conference at Hyatt Regency Hotel. About 75 people attended the November 2010 ceremony. It was a long affair filled with speeches, but organizers made quick work of handing out the plaques. Public interest grew quickly - the first presentation was the only one to escape a media audience; by the second and consecutive years, enthusiasm for the Awards was such that our online voting website often had a short downtime, unable to keep up with enormous amount of visitors, willing to cast their ballot.

UP-Start Awards Milestones:

Opportunity, Cost and Benefits

UP-Start Awards is a perfect platform to bring entrepreneurs, business owners and investors (angel investors and venture capitalists) closer together. It's been a tested springboard to success for new products to find its route to market, regardless of size and maturity. There's no cost to nominate and participate in all rounds of public voting.
UP-Start Awards alumni counts hundreds of start-up companies that became noticed and funded (or acquired), mature companies successfully launched new product lines, getting immediate market acceptance.

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