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Gold Partner - BeyondCore

cloud computing conference 2011BeyondCore is a leading technology solutions provider in the fast growing business analytics and Cloud Computing industries. BeyondCore’s patented and award-winning suite of market-leading, advanced analytics solutions rapidly reduce the operating cost of manual back-office processes such as insurance claim, invoice, and insurance policy processing. By leveraging cutting edge technologies, including collective intelligence algorithms and a broad database of peer-group error patterns, BeyondCore has delivered 30% quality improvement and 10% operating cost reduction in weeks. Fortune 500 enterprises, and six of the top ten global outsourcing providers form BeyondCore’s growing customer base. In addition, U.S. and foreign governments have endorsed certain BeyondCore and BeyondCore-powered solutions. BeyondCore won the ‘Overall Most Innovative Cloud Provider’ award at the UP 2010 conference.

BeyondCore’s breakthrough technology rapidly reduces the operating costs of manual back-office processes by improving the first time quality of these processes. Manual transactional processes are invariably error prone and these errors have significant cost impact related to double entry, quality control, the cost of correcting errors, and the downstream impact of uncaught errors. BeyondCore reduces these expenses by rapidly identifying and eliminating the root causes of these errors.

BeyondCore technology is delivered primarily as Software as a Service solutions. Leading Business Process Outsourcing providers are also integrating BeyondCore technology into their growing Cloud-based Business Process as a Service solutions. Find out more about BeyondCore at:

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